1st. Hypersports Open (Nordic Series - fourth round) 
1st. Flen Open (Nordic Series - third round) 
1st. Diablo Open (Nordic Series - second round)
3rd. Wikings Open (Nordic Series - first round)
5th. Dutch Masters (Mayhem Masters)
5th. Sniper Open (Nordic Series - fifth round)
6th. Joy Masters
8th. Maxs Masters
11th. Campaign Cup

  4th. Joy Masters
5th. Mayhem Masters
7th. Mega 2001
7th. Toulouse 7-Man World Cup
11th. Campaign Cup
2nd. Nations Cup - Portugal
2nd. 2000/2001 Millennium Series
Best European team 2000/2001

Part of the team winning Nations Cup in Portugal
1st. PlayBall 10-Man Invitational
2nd. Joy Masters 
2nd. Campaign Cup 
3rd. Polish Open 2000 
3rd. Mega 2000
4th. 1999/2000 Millennium Series
5th. Toulouse 7-Man World Cup
8th. Maxs Masters
10th. World Cup

1st. 5-man No Battlepack Series II
1st. Polish Open 1999
3rd. Toulouse 7-Man World Cup
3rd. Campaign Cup
4th. Maxs Masters
9th. World Cup

1998  Ugly Ducklings turning Pro.
1st. Toulouse 7-Man World Cup
1st. Eastern Trophy
2nd. NPPS third round
2nd. Scandinavian Hyperball Open
2nd. DTL Masters Berlin
5th. Danish Championships
Semi-finalists NPG European Masters
Semi-finalists Skyball 98 (Amateur)
Semi-finalists Campaign Cup
Most winning team in Denmark 1998

1st. Hyperball World Championships
1st. NPPS first round
1st. NPPS second round
1st. NPPS third round
1st. Second Speed Forest Cup
1st. Berlin open
1st. Eastern Trophy
1st. Danish Championship, I round
1st. Danish Championship, III round
2nd. Danish Championship, II round
Most winning team in Denmark 1997

  1st. 3rd. Berlin open
  1st. German pumpaction (Berlin open)
  1st. STT Christmas cup
  1st. Danish Championship 5-man pump
  3rd. Mayhem Masters Amateur
4th. NPPS 3rd Leg Amateur
4th. Border cup
4th. Sweden Campaign cup 2
Most winning team in Denmark 1996

1st. German pumpaction (Berlin open)
1st. MIG International games
  1st. Mayhem Scandinavia
  1st. Nordic Championship
  1st. Motala cup
  1st. Danish Championship (pump)
1st. STT cup
2nd. Danish Championship (indoors)
Most winning team in Denmark 1995

  1st. Danish Championship (pump)
  1st. Danish Championship (semi)
  1st. Danish Championship (indoors)
3rd. Nordic Championship

  1st. Danish Championship (pump)

  1st. Danish Championship (pump)
  1st. Kongelunds cup

  1st. Danish Championship (pump)

Other Awards
1996 Most sporting team - German pumpaction
1997 Most sporting team - NPPS first round
1998 Most sporting team - NPG




Rene Behnsen

Henrik Eiberg

Thomas Rise

Christian Courtois

Anders Steenberg

Rene Behnsen