The team Ugly Ducklings was formed in 1990 under Odense Paintballers 88 and has throughout the years tried to pick some of the best players in Denmark. Consequently the team today consists of committed players from all over the country, even though the majority is now based in the capital city of Copenhagen.

The Ugly Ducklings began to play abroad in 1994 partly because there wasn’t much paintball going on in Denmark at that time and partly because the players were more than willing to travel due to their constant eagerness to improve. Things started to roll and in 1995 the Ugly Ducklings won seven tournaments including Mayhem Scandinavia (Sweden) and MIG International Games (Germany). We picked up our first sponsors giving us the opportunity to travel even more, and 1996 saw the Ugly Ducklings play in countries like England, Holland, Germany, Sweden and of course Denmark. As expected the competition was tougher at international level, but the Ugly Ducklings still managed to stay in the top 4 every time.

1997 was the last year for the Ugly Ducklings as amateurs and what a year! we played four tournaments in England and won them all including the World Hyperball Championships and all three NPPS tournaments, which were at that time the biggest events in Europe. Nine first places and a single second place and we decided that it was time to take the big step up to Pro.

We got off to a rough start as Pros, only making the semi-finals in a couple of tournaments, but things finally shaped up in Toulouse (France) where we won our first Pro tournament giving us the right to call ourselves 7-Man World Champions.

Since then the team has been among the very top European Pro teams, even if Denmark is a country that today plays host to less that 50 tournament players. Our continued results in international paintball, under tougher circumstances than any other Pro team in the world, gives us a reputation for being the most tenacious and strongwilled team in paintball – The Ugly Ducklings NEVER give up!