The accommodations listed below will all be within 5-30 min from the site no matter, which one we finally choose.

Copenhagen Danhostel Amager
Address: Vejlands Alle 200, 2300 København S
Telephone: 32 52 29 08 – Fax: 32 52 27 08
Hours of operation: 24 hours a day
Number of rooms with 2 & 5 beds with no bath: 144
Total number of beds: 528
Other Facilities: Cafeteria, coin laundry, kitchen
Price per person: During the high season for guests with a hostel card the price is 95 kr. (without breakfast), otherwise the cost is 125 kr. (without breakfast). The cost of breakfast is 40 kr.
Distance to city centre: 5,0 km
Distance to the nearest beach: 4,0 km
Distance to the nearest bus stop: 0,2 km
Methods of payment: Cheque, Dankort, Travellers cheques

Wittrup Motel A/S
Address: Roskildevej 251, 2620 Albertslund
Telephone: 43649551 – Fax: 43648890
Web Address:

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