Millennium Series 2009 Malaga event

The 2009 Millennium Malaga event was a bit different than expected.

The venue itself was great. Right on the beach, as last year. On thursday and friday the weather was fantastic, clear and sunny, and the athmosphere was second to none.

We had two teams at the event, as we will have this all year in the Millennium Series. An SPL team and a Div 1 team.

On friday both teams played their first matches. The SPL team lost their match, but the Div one team won theirs.

Then on satruday, the event went tits up. A storm came in from the sea, and blew everything down, so the rest of the event was cancelled, and left about a 1.000 paintballers with nothing else to do in Malaga than party (and party we DID).

The remaining matches from Malaga will be played at the next event in Bitburg, where our Division 1 team still has the chance to make the finals.