The ugly ducklings team is proud to have resigned a sponsorship deal with Dye.
The team will be shooting the new DM11, Rotor and wearing the I4 goggles and Dye playing pants for the 2011 season.

Exciting new roster

Through the last couple of years a bunch of players have left the team to try their luck on other teams
This for some time left some gaps in the team, but a few pickups and a skillfull group of young players have taken the jump into the team. So the future looks both exciting and promising.


You have entered the website of The Ugly Ducklings paintball team

In short the team was formed in 1990 and is as such one of the oldest teams in the world of paintball.

Through the years, the team has seen many ups and downs, but we are still here, still fighting and still looking for that next victory.

Your navigation on our site will give you insight in the team's history as well as our roster and previous events as well as future events we are participating in.

Please take a moment to check out our sponsors below, who have helped us a lot in our quest.

Recent results:

Millennium Paris World Cup

SPL: 12. place and 8th overall in 2011

DPL Germany:

1st. Bundesliga: 4. place overall

Millennium London:

SPL: 2. place

Millennium Bitburg:

SPL: 14. place

Millennium Paris-Longchamp:

SPL: 9. place

German Winter League part 4/4:

1. place at this event
1. place in the series

Danish Open:

2. place in the Open Division

CPA Open 1:

1. place in the Open Division

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